GSoC community bonding week 2

Status Update

Create milestones

Started creating milestones for bonding phase and coding phase 1, 2, and 3 and populating those milestones with issues.

  1. Bonding Milestone
  2. Coding Phase 1 Milestone
  3. Coding Phase 2 Milestone
  4. Coding Phase 3 Milestone

Search Engine Frameworks VS. Topic Modeling Frameworks

Started discussing about the auto-responding feature of corobo. We started by weighing search engine frameworks vs. topic modeling frameworks. It was decided to use topic modeling frameworks instad of any other search engine frameworks like Solr, Lucene, ElasticSearch, etc.

Related issue:

Build Prototype

Basic steps to retrieve the topic/key of the question:

  1. Pre-process the input text.
  2. Train over the input documentation.
  3. Use the trained model to retrieve the topic of the question.

In prototypes, we try to change the training methods, pre-processing methods to get as efficient results as possible.

Prototypes can be found here:

Basic repo structure and setup CI

The repository for the new cobot is setup at github:

Travis CI is setup for the repository. coafile is added to the repository.

Start writing a cEP

I started writing a cEP for my GSoC project: