Accepted for GSoC 2017 at coala

Accepted for GSoC

Last month I created a post about me applying for GSoC under coala organization. And the results were declared on 4th May, and guess what? I am accepted as a GSoC student!! How awesome is that?! :D

GSoC Acceptance Email

So what lies further

Now, that the results are out, the next phase is the Community Bonding period. During this period we are supposed to research more about our project, create milestones and think about the implementation details; do code reviews, present our project on coala mailing lists, and work out the schedule to follow in the 3 months of coding period; contact our mentors and discuss the project further.

It is not the usual “start implementing right away” kinda thing where you just start coding without thinking about future pitfalls and implementations. So, this is something new and interesting, because now we program in a more structured, organized and well planned way; we will already know how we have to proceed. And also be certain that the achieved product will be a better, maintainable piece of software and not just a “just works” ugly kinda software.

I’ll be blogging weekly from now on summarizing the work done in that week and work that I might be doing in the subsequent weeks, its gonna be awesome!

My project abstract can be found here.

I already had a video conference with my mentor Udayan regarding the projects, where we set things to do in this week. Most important of all being to find a more viable way to search and answer user queries from documentation by either using search engine frameworks or Topic Modelling frameworks. So in this week I’ll be checking out various frameworks and see the pros and cons of each and accordingly decide one framework that I’ll use in the answering-user-query part of my project.

That’s it for now, cy’ll next week!